FFS MARINE AS your marine partner


Vi har spesialisert oss på de maritime sidene av anleggsbransjen ved å kombinere vår erfaring fra 30 års drift av slepe- og arbeidsbåter med dyktige anleggsmaskinførere. FFS Marine Anlegg er en avdeling av FFS MARINE AS


FFS is the lead towage and marine contractor in the region.


FFS together with the rest of the Submar group has sucessfully installed the biggest underwater resturant in the world.

The Resturant was build on FFS PONTON 6 and transfered to floating by submerging the barge to – 15 meter below sealevel and then towed to position where it was finally installed on the seabed and secured. FFS has  trough Submar group delivered a wide scope of services including Marine operations, equipment supply, seabed preparation, crane services and consultant. 

Just before Christmas AHT Boka Alpine was in for renewal of its Bollard pull Certificate.

We thank Boskalis for the thrust and looking forward to see you again next time.

Farsund Fortøyningsselskap AS has from 17.12.2018 merged into FFS MARINE AS