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Skrudde fast Under på havets bunn February 15, 2021 Bolted Under on the seabed
Holder oppsyn med opplagsbåtene December 20, 2020 Supervises lay-up vessels
Piratsikret boliglekter før avreise October 20, 2020 Anti piracy hardening of a floatel before departure
Om bord i Norges grønneste taubåt February 20, 2020 On board Norway's greenest tugboat
Rykket ut uværet og berget tankskip February 12, 2020 Rescued disabled LPG tanker in stormy weather
Har investert over 100 millioner i havna January 20, 2020 Has invested over 100 million in the port


FFS has around 70 employees who work with everything from towing and port towing to transport on barges, salvage, management of storage boats and engineering services related to mooring and bottom mapping. In the video reports below, you can get to know some of those who work in FFS.