FFS Athos participates in a huge lifting operation

20. May 2022

FFS assists Athos' world's largest lifting vessel in an operation in Shetland that is receiving international attention.


FFS Athos participates in a comprehensive operation where the chassis of the Ninian Northern platform is lifted up from the sea and transported ashore.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

"A significant milestone for Lerwick and the British industry," the head of the Shetland Port Authority, Calum Grains, told the BBC.

The British broadcaster is among several international media covering Pioneering Spirit's transport of the Ninian Northern platform jacket.

THE JACKET which is built in steel and is the most used type of platform in the world, was lifted up from the sea and transported to a barge lying by land.

At Dales Voe in Shetland, it will be cut up. 97 percent of the steel will be recycled. The process will take about eight months. The work is performed by Veolia and Peterson.

- The operation requires a fleet of support vessels, including tugs, work boats and barges. The fact that FFS Athos is part of the operation makes us very proud, says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

IT'S HUGE forces that are in swing. The platform chassis weighs as much as 8500 tonnes. But then Pioneering Spirit is also the world's largest lifting vessel.

With a length of 382 meters, Pioneering Spirit would tower one meter above the Empire State Building if it stood upright, with a deck large enough to fit three football fields.

THE EIGHT-LEGED The Ninian Northern platform was installed in 1978 and started production in 1980. Production ceased in 2017.

- We are passionate about sustainability and think it is important to participate in recycling projects like this one, Nilsen says.