FFS doubles its base in Lundevågen

31 October 2023

With the takeover of the neighboring plot of 25 acres, FFS more than doubles its port areas in Lundevågen. The FFS manager has a clear idea of what the area will be used for.


This is how the FFS base in Lundevågen in Farsund can look in the future.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- In the first instance, we are applying to demolish the existing garage facilities. In the longer term, the ambition is to establish an operation and maintenance base for the energy sector, says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

The plot borders today's FFS base, and since Bredero Price shut down operations has been owned by a property company with relations to Einar Øgrey Farsund. Through the purchase of all the shares in the company, FFS has now secured the area.

- WE WISH TO expand, and then we need more space. Unfortunately, Farsund municipality could not allocate more land, so when this opportunity arose it suited us very well, says Nilsen.

The previous owner has tried for a number of years to get port-related operations started in the area. The FFS manager sees great opportunities, but makes no secret of the fact that it will be difficult to succeed.

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- We have to work very efficiently if we are to manage to create activity. In addition, large investments in new infrastructure are required, says Nilsen.

THE PLAN IS TO reuse steel from the current garage as support columns for the new quay. Piles must then be driven down, on top of which concrete columns are placed. Finally, a cover is cast on top. The aim is to be able to reuse over 90 per cent of concrete and steel in new infrastructure.

- The old garage has been a big challenge for us for a long time, especially for the larger boats. Now we will be able to dispose of the entire bay and we will have quays all the way around. In this way, we will be able to utilize the area in a much more efficient way, says Nilsen.

- THERE IS NOBODY secret that we want to establish an offshore wind base in Lundevågen. But it will be a few years before the operation of offshore wind is underway on the continental shelf. In the meantime, we have to get other operations in place, says Nilsen, and adds:

- Having said that, we have a very poor time if the government's goal of starting the development of Sørlige North Sea II is to be achieved.

Nilsen points out that after Sørlige North Sea II there will be several other fields that will also need bases.

- So the race is not over if we don't reach the finish line with the first award. Such a base can quickly create 50 jobs alone if you get a control center and logistics in the same building, but a lot must of course fall into place before we are there, says the FFS boss.

FFS HAS ONE head start on other providers by already having a complete supplier network in place, consisting mainly of local subcontractors for exactly this type of operation through many years of experience from operating the seismic base in Farsund.

- Seismic-related activities are of course very relevant, since we are already involved in this. But we look at everything, not least the long-term storage of subsea-related equipment for oil companies - with which we have extensive experience from before, says Nilsen.