FFS assistance for yet another foreign warship

8 March 2023

FFS Ponton 6 is becoming an important support player for NATO's naval forces. Recently, it was hired as a distance barge, when a German submarine visited Kristiansand.

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The stopped German submarine U-36 needed a barge from FFS to be able to dock in the harbor in Kristiansand.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- Naturally, the submarine could not be placed directly next to the quay due to the lack of height. But a barge in between solved the problem, says FFS CEO John W. Nilsen.

Between the submarine and FFS Ponton 6 yokohama fenders from FFS were added.

- We also assisted with towboat services on arrival and departure. FFS Athos and FFS Amaranth were both in action, says Nilsen.

SUBMARINE U-36 stopped in Kristiansand on the way to Bergen. In the coming months, the German navy's most advanced submarine will operate from the Norwegian naval base Haakonsvern. This is the start of closer submarine cooperation between Norway and Germany.

The U-36 is the Germans' most advanced submarine. Norwegian and German authorities are in negotiations with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) about new joint submarines.

THE GERMAN the navy points out that the agreement on closer German-Norwegian cooperation must now be filled with content.

- It sends a strong signal and is a milestone for the German-Norwegian submarine cooperation, says Timo Cordes, who is commander of the 1st submarine squadron, in a press release.

U-36 will take part in several international exercises until June, including the British "Joint Warrior".

THERE ARE OTHERS time in a few months that FFS Ponton 6 assists a foreign warship in a Norwegian port.

In November, the barge, which is 55 meters long and 17.3 meters wide, was towed into Oslo by FFS Arion to act as distance barges for the British aircraft carrier, HMS "Queen Elizabeth".

This visit received a lot of attention in the Norwegian press. Several meetings were held on board about further military cooperation between Norway and Great Britain. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre was among those who took part in the talks.


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