Transported wind turbine blades for five months

10. January 2022

On a giant barge, FFS ATLAS has transported wind turbine blades to and from cities in the Baltic Sea.

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The barge Carrier 16 is 100 meters long, but the wind turbine blades protrude far beyond the stern end.

- This is fun and exciting for us to be a part of, says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

From July to November last year, FFS Atlas was leased to a charterer on a so-called hourly charter.

ASSIGNED HAr been transporting wind turbine blades. Among the ports that have been called at in recent months are Swinoujscie in Poland, Piteå in Sweden, Gdansk and Gdynia in Poland, Klaipeda in Lithuania and Raahe in Finland.

A trip from Swinoujscie to Raahe takes about 6 days, if the weather is good. In addition, it usually takes 3-4 days to load and a couple of days to unload before starting the return to Poland for a new load.

- NOW HAS THE ICE began to settle in the Gulf of Bothnia. Thus, the transports must be adjusted for the season. But we hope to be involved when the work starts again in March next year, Nilsen says.

The barge has a loading capacity of almost 16,000 tonnes. But on this mission, it is the giant deck of almost 4,000 square meters that has been crucial.

THE WIND TURBLE BLADES do not weigh much in relation to the area it requires when stored.

The barge is 100 meters long, but the leaves protrude far beyond the stern.

- Customers have been very satisfied with the job FFS Atlas has done. Despite the fact that the boat is the oldest boat we have in our fleet, it is well maintained and just upgraded for almost 8 million kroner, Nilsen says.


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