Full speed in seismic ports

November 23, 2021

More and more boats are coming to Lundevågen to be prepared for new assignments. It provides work for FFS.

Kenneth Fidje fra FFS samarbeider tett med mannskapet om bord.

Maintenance work on Oceanic Vega will continue into December. Here, Kenneth Fidje, who is leading the project from FFS's side, is in charge of directing the crane.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

- Before, the boats often went in to lie still for a while. Lundevågen is now used to a greater extent as a base. Boats come and go all the time, says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

As is well known, Farsund is now the world's largest seismic port. And the activity there is increasing.

Only in October and November has FFS contributed to the mobilization and demobilization of three boats from Shearwater.

AMAZON WARRIOR has been taken out of storage, so-called "cold stack", and reactivated. It is now on assignment in South Africa.

- Here we did a number of small jobs on board, and helped with purchasing and logistics services, says operations manager at FFS, Ronny Christoffersen.

In addition, several other local and external suppliers have been involved in the reactivation and contributed to the hotels in the entire region being sold out for rooms for a longer period.

SW AMUNDSEN came in after a completed assignment and is in circulation.

- The crew did the job of unwinding the cables themselves. We rigged up and took down the equipment used in that operation. In addition, we performed welding on some compressors, before we moved the boat to the industrial quay and connected it to shore power, and transferred it to FFS 'technical guard team, says Christoffersen.

OCEANIC VEGA is in for a technical stop and is now located by the deepwater quay in Lundevågen. Here, FFS has done a lot of maintenance, and the work will continue through November and into December.

- Here, among other things, the large wings at the back of the boat have been hoisted ashore, so that they could be sanded and painted, says crane manager Tony Kristiansen.

FFS has also overhauled hydraulic equipment and winches on board.

- In addition, we have refurbished and painted a FRB (Fast Rescue Boat), says Christoffersen.