"Ida" received FFS help after an engine failure

4. May 2021

The cargo ship "Ida" was towed to the FFS base and repaired after a machine stop in the North Sea.

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The cargo ship "Ida" was stopped in the North Sea. FFS Amaranth moved out and came to the casualty's rescue.

- The stated cause of the accident was bad diesel. But when we got the boat to Lundevågen, we discovered several things that were wrong. Several of our engine mechanics and electricians came on board and quickly repaired the damage, he says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

"Ida", which is registered in Cyprus and owned by a Scottish shipping company, is 82.53 meters long, 11.46 meters wide and a cargo capacity of 2019 deadweight tonnes.

The ship was on its way to England with timber, when the engine stopped working.

- WE WERE CONTACTED and asked for help. The boat was then in the middle of the North Sea, a little north of Ekofisk, says Nilsen.

The tugboat FFS Amaranth moved out and came to the rescue of the casualty. From Katland lighthouse, FFS assisted Athos in the tow.

- IT IS NOT so often that we take both the towing and repair job, so this was a bit special, says Nilsen.

On the morning of Friday 23 April, "Ida" was able to sail on with a course for England.


Tugboat / 1997


Tugboat / 2014


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