Daniel wants to be a bridge builder

February 17, 2022

- I will work to preserve the good working environment at FFS, says newly hired HR manager, Daniel Hovden.


HR manager Daniel Hovden likes to get around and talk to people. Here he is in the workshop talking to Tony Kristiansen and Gebrat Geberemedin.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

The 32-year-old from Lyngdal is a trained electrician and has been employed by FFS since May 2018. Now he puts the voltmeter in the drawer and takes over the HR responsibility in the company.

- I have no direct experience with HR work, but like to take challenges head on, Daniel smiles, and says that he has already started practical HR courses. In the long run, he wants to take a bachelor's degree in economics and management alongside his job.

THE NEW HR manager's most important tasks will be to run salaries, follow up sick leaves and take care of personnel policy tasks. With his solid computer skills, he also becomes an valuable internal asset when it comes to IT.

- As a result of FFS having grown greatly in recent years, the employees have been given more specialized tasks. We are not all potatoes anymore. We are still a good group working here, but we may not be as close together as we were before, says Daniel, who wants to take on the role of bridge builder between the various departments.

- I FEEL THAT I can talk to anyone about anything. And I want to start by having employee interviews with everyone.

- It's a bit of a job?

- Haha, yes, it will probably take a few weeks. But it is important to hear how people feel at work, says Daniel.

He describes FFS as a typical «yes company».

THE ATTITUDE AT of the employees is that nothing is impossible - we fix everything. This is a culture we have to take care of, says Daniel, who in his spare time is a hobby carpenter and cultivates his interest in cars.

- I have a BMW M3 that I touch a little. And then I'm in the process of building a terrace of 120 square meters, says Daniel.

Recently, he also took the drone certificate.

- There will probably be a lot of drone flying ahead- both in mye spare time and at work. We need to document all the exciting things we at FFS do, Daniel states.