Housing rig ready for towing

4. May 2021

A lot had to be in place before the flotilla COSL Rival could be towed to Turkey for dismantling.

Bilde 15.04.2021, 11 58 56 (1)

FFS Athos contributed to the work of making the housing rig ready for towing.

- The rig was in Kristiansand. Our job was to connect all the equipment so that it was ready for towing. In addition, we performed some port towing work, he says John W. Nilsen, general manager of FFS.

The Italian tugboat company Augustea is now taking the 16,000-tonne rig on a 29-day voyage through the English Channel, through the Bay of Biskaya and up to Aliağa on Turkey's west coast.

COSL RIVAL, which has been in Kristiansand since 2017, was originally built as a drilling rig in Japan in 1976. The rig was then named Borgila Dolphin by the buyer, a Fred Olsen company.

Later it was later rebuilt into a crane vessel, then into a so-called tender rig (a self-propelled barge rig). It operated for a long time on the Oseberg field and then in the Gulf of Mexico - then under the name Hucabil Delfin.

I 2003 BLE the rig purchased by Awilco Offshore and converted to a flotilla in Poland. It was then named Port Reval. In 2008, Awilco Offshore was acquired by China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) and the rig was renamed COSL Rival.

COSL Rival measures 108.2 times 67.4 meters and has helicopter decks, 262 single rooms and 118 double rooms on board as well as recreation rooms, such as TV rooms and its own cinema, gym, sauna and offices.

But now it will be cut up.


Crane vessel / 1980


Tugboat / 2014