Made seismic boat ready for Brazil

20. July 2022

16 cylinder heads, each weighing 600 kilograms, were dismantled, overhauled and reassembled.


At the workshop in Lundevågen, 16 cylinder heads were dismantled and overhauled.

Text: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Kommunikasjon

The seismic boat had been in storage in Lundevågen in Farsund for around two years, when it was "brought to life" again.

- The boat is going on a mission in Brazil, and we at the workshop have played a central role in the reactivation, says workshop manager Ronny Christoffersen at FFS.

THE BOAT WENT FIRST moved from the storage area to the quay. Then an extensive preparation job began.

- The shipping company that owns the boat arrived with a small crew, which we assisted with mechanical work. Through Lister Kranservice, we have also hoisted equipment on board and carried out much of the logistics required in such a reactivation operation, says Christoffersen.

DURING THE process, 16 cylinder heads were dismantled and transported to the workshop. There they were overhauled.

- In addition, the valves had to be ground before everything was assembled again, says Christoffersen.

Soon the machine, equipment and necessary supplies were in place, and the seismic boat could leave Lundevågen on Sunday 10 July, heading for the other side of the Atlantic.